The beginning

The Company "Proforma" started its operation in 1988 in Thessaloniki, with the main object of applying special acid-resistant tiles in factories for the production of food, soft drinks and others with special requirements on their floors. At a time when the term "industrial tiles" was unknown to much of the business world, with a few exceptions, the company, based in a small downtown office, became a reference point for many technical companies and engineers who had begun to deal with specialized constructions, in terms of factory floors.

The first steps
With the persistent effort of the two initial partners K. Tzana and K. Filippidis, the products of the Company became a necessary condition for any investment that aimed at the quality of construction and durability over time. With the departure of Mr. Tzana in 1992, A. Filippidis joined the company and the company moved to a privately owned store-exhibition, also in the center of Thessaloniki. The distribution of the products started immediately from a rented warehouse in Epanomi as well as the increase of the staff.

In addition to the main object which was the industrial tiles, it was extended to other products, necessary for the complete coverage of the floor in each area of ​​special requirements. New collaborations have started with leading Companies Abroad (Italy - Germany) in the study and application of drainage systems and acid sealing materials for extremely difficult conditions. At the same time, a close cooperation was started with the ACM Company - Gerasimos Kokkinos, based in Athens, having related goals and a complementary range of products and constantly increasing the possibilities of choice of the customers.

In 1998 the Company's base was transferred within the BUILDING MATERIALS CENTER "EUROTECH", in Thermi, Thessaloniki, to three privately owned stores and focused, in addition to industrial projects, on the wholesale and retail commercial part, adding new materials exclusively to its range. of well-known foreign companies. The distribution of the products started from the new and bigger storage space in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, as well as the increase of the staff in offices and warehouse, with the primary goal of the excellent service of the Company's customers.

As a supplier of specialized products, it now covers a network of 160 stores only in Northern Greece, constantly striving for the best possible and immediate support, while its clientele includes the largest and most important industrial units that have been entrusted with their floors.

The Company "Proforma" to this day continues to be a reference point for most technical companies and engineers, offering experience and knowledge for each particular application.

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